Winter’s Tail Webcast: Today Was an Amazing Day!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the link to watch the webcast in its entirety

I just got home  (a little before midnight) from an amazing day in Clearwater Florida.  After months and months of planning we went live with our Winter’s Tail Virtual Field Trip which aired live from Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  The webcast was picked up by nearly 12,500 schools across the country  (and across the globe) reaching an estimated 350,000 students.  We’ll have lots to report on and tell you all the behind-the-scenes stories but just wanted to thank everyone who watched and everyone who helped put the event together.

It was very special for me because  I finally got to meet  two extraordinary young people, McKenna and Brandon,  after hearing all about them and how they were inspired by Winter.  Special thanks to Billy Dimichele and everyone at Scholastic who did an extraordinary job putting this whole thing  together.

As a special surprise we also gave all the kids that came to the webcast a free Nintendo DS  as a  gift from Winter complete with it’s own  special Winter label and they will all get the DS  interactive storybook and videogame  the second the factory finishes burning the cartridges.

I also want to specially thank Glenn Rockwood and Tobi Saulnier and hteir teams who made theWinter’s tail Nintendo DS possible in what must be record time.  I think everyone will love the DS interactive story book and the games that reinforce Winter’s valuable lessons.  JUliana, Isabella and I had a great time doing the voice over for the interactive storybook.

I am so tired I can  barely keep my eyes open but this was a day to remember!  Be back soon with lot’s more but now I need to get some sleep.


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